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How the model works
A very few number of genes determine the differences between men and women – 22 pairs of chromosomes are identical in both men and women, while the 23rd is different. Thus, while women have an XX chromosomal pair, men have an XY chromosomal pair; that is to say, in the case of men a big chromosome similar to that in the pair XX, an X chromosome, associates with a small one, a Y chromosome. Therefore, the man is an exception from the standard model which is the woman. This Y chromosome which determines masculinity has no other role than to inhibit the action of feminine hormones. The presence of the Y chromosome in the seventh week of the foetus development acts as an inhibitor of the feminine hormonal environment and thus the bi-potential gonad evolves into a testicle. Without this intervention, the gonad would wait until the 13th week to transform into an ovary. Therefore, the baby`s gender is hormonally determined, with the default gender being that of woman; the differences are due only to hormonal dosage, which means that they are quantitative and not qualitative in nature.

Our method versus other methods
Methods frequently used in determining the child`s gender are based upon astrology or the menstrual cycle. Astrological or zodiac-based methods are linked to varying symbolic speculations. Planets, stars or constellations are attributed a masculine or feminine connotation and accompanied by a symbolic speculative calculus, and an interpretation of all these influences gives a masculine or feminine tone which would determine the sex of the future child. Even if the odds of a good prediction are 50%, numerous errors from antiquity or medieval ages have changed the astrological determination process. Initially, the child`s zodiac was set in relation to the moment of conception. Now the moment of the birth is being used instead for gender determination.
Methods based upon the menstrual cycle apparently use a scientific method. The problem of such models is that they use data only from one partner and his biological cycle to determine the child`s gender, which is not enough as the genetic information comes from both partners. . One solution to such models would be the use of the biological cycle resulting from the interaction of the cycles of both partners. There is a certain periodicity in astrological and menstrual cycles. But the result of such a cycle is random. Our prediction offers an accuracy of up to 90%, and these predictions can be tested for free. However, because this is a biological phenomenon, no method can guarantee 100% accuracy.

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