On this page, you can test the prediction free of charge. We have found out that our prediction works for a majority of people, but not for all. By testing the system for free, you will also learn how it applies to real life examples.
As you can see, this application requires the father’s date of birth and mother’s date of birth. If the couple has children of their own, you will have to check if this is true and provide the system with the last born’s date of birth and with his/her gender. After this, you will need to choose the date of birth you want to test, by selecting the day, month and year.
In order to obtain accurate results, you need to provide accurate data. Remember that the prediction works for naturally conceived and born children and is not suitable for in vitro conceived children, children conceived with the help of fertility drugs. For children born before due date or after that, you must adjust the date of birth.

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