Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use this site?

You can use this site whether you are an expecting parent, a parent trying to conceive or you want to find out the gender of the child you will conceive in the future. If you are an expecting parent, you can use the prediction based on the due date. If you are a parent trying to conceive, you can use the prediction based either on the due date, or on the conception date. For the prediction based on the conception date, you must choose if the conception date is the same with the fertilization date (266 days before the due date) or if it is the date of the last menstrual period  (280 days from the last menstrual period to due date). You will get the result in the form of a calendar, with each day marked with a boy or girl sign showing the corresponding gender. If you want to use the prediction for baby gender planning, use the five year prediction to determine when you will conceive a boy or a girl.

What data must I provide in order to get the baby gender prediction?

You must accurately provide the father`s date of birth, mother`s date of birth, and whether there are children born before from the same parents, gender and the date of birth of the last born son. Also choose if the prediction should be given on due date or on the date of conception. The date of conception can be selected as either 266 days before due date (266 days from fertilization to due date) or as 280 days before due date (280 Days from Last Menstrual Period to Due Date).

How do I get the baby gender prediction?

After completing the payment, you will receive a code. You must provide your email address and the code in order to get the baby gender prediction. You will receive an email containing the provided data and the prediction as PDF file. Also, you can use the code to view the prediction online on our site.

How accurate is the baby gender prediction?

Given the fact that pregnancy is a very complex biological process, the maximum probability of the baby gender prediction reaches almost  83%, and it increases to 90 % if the couple in question have already had another baby. No scientific method can guarantee 100% accuracy. is dedicated to help parents predict their children’s gender, nevertheless consider that sometimes the prediction is non-accurate. Parents’ happiness often lies in the health of their children and not in the gender, wishes all parents healthy offsprings!

How does the prediction work?

Our prediction program is based on an intelligent scientific algorithm. Starting from studying biological processes that take place in the human body, we developed a complex method based on both parents information in order to predict your baby’s gender. The algorithm was tested during the last 35 years with amazing results in regards to prediction accuracy. Many happy couples thanked us for our predictions, we wish them all happy and healthy children!