Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy applies to the webpages of the site that link to the privacy policy. It does not apply to websites that link to the site, nor to websites that links to. The site and its owner reserve the right to change, at any time, the privacy policy and you agree that any changes will be binding on you.

Data collection and use

In order to use the site, we require you to provide us data regarding father`s date of birth, mother`s date of birth, children born before from the same parents, gender, the date of birth of the last born son, due date, conception date and your email address. We do not require you to give us other personal data. Based on the data provided, you will get a result that is accessible with your email address and a code you receive via email after paying for the services. This data is stored on our sever until you access several times the result of the prediction available on this site or the service legally expires or is terminated and is considered confidential.

Disclosure of data

The personal data you provide to our site is accessible to our co-workers, employees and the companies we work with. We disclose personal information to others than those mentioned above under following circumstances: if required by law or other competent authorities or court orders; if the disclosure is necessary in order to establish a claim or defense; if the disclosure is necessary in order to prevent fraud or illegal activities.

We do not sell information to third parties.

User statistics

The site and its owner use an automated software to collect user statistics with regard to area and region of requests, website from which you came, daily number of visits, pages viewed, average time spent on the page and site, and other.

Site security

The site and its owner use security measures to protect against loss, misuse or alteration of data. Despite this, we cannot guarantee the security of personal data you provide to us over the internet transmission. You agree that you provide personal information to us at your own risk.


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