Having a baby

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Becoming a mother is important for any woman, no matter how much she weighs, no matter her age. But do overweight problems lead to pregnancy problems? Before actually trying to get pregnant, women should asses their general health condition. There are some diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, genetic problems and so that can really affect the possibility of conceiving. The age influences directly the fertility, as a woman passes her 35, it is harder to get

Are you ready to be a parent? – Part II

It is surely a question that can start many disputes and doubts, but it is a needed question in order to evaluate one’s ability to become a parent. Of course, one can never truly feel what it means to be a parent than when faced the actual situation. There are indeed many books that say to prepare parents, but no one can actually be fully prepared. There will always be unexpected situations. The demands of being a parent

Are You Ready to Become a Parent? – Part I

In some cases, many parents don’t get to ask themselves this question, as pregnancy comes when they are unprepared. But along the way, each person learns how to become a parent and gets in the job pretty well. And there is actually no way to become completely prepared for it, even though there are many books, many websites dedicated to future parents and many researches. Being a parent is the hardest job someone has in their life, without