Are You Ready to Become a Parent? – Part I

In some cases, many parents don’t get to ask themselves this question, as pregnancy comes when they are unprepared. But along the way, each person learns how to become a parent and gets in the job pretty well. And there is actually no way to become completely prepared for it, even though there are many books, many websites dedicated to future parents and many researches. Being a parent is the hardest job someone has in their life, without any tests in advance and without any background checks. But it is one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet, as you as a parent get to influence a life, from the beginning and be part of someone’s life.

Commitment is what parenting is all about

There are of course, a series of questions you can ask yourself before becoming a parent, to see if you are prepared for the long journey. The world is always changing and we must adapt to it and evolve as parents for the children. Within a child’s life, there are many factors that will determine what kind of person he/she will be. There is a bio-directional effect and it requests understanding the effects of a child and a parent to improve the dynamics between them. Children learn from their parents and develop certain skills and aptitudes that parents have. But it should be the other way around. Parents should learn from the children as well. Every person is different and has a certain personality. Being able to understand your child can be done by learning things from him, which will improve your relationship as it evolves. A committed parent will surely have a committed baby and will be able to influence him positively. You need to ask yourself if you model the behavior you want for your child, if you are consistent and you keep your word. If you always change your behavior and your decision, the child will be confused and will not know how to act. Your child must know what expectations you have and you need to establish some boundaries and change them appropriately to age. Giving the child the attention needed is essential, as well as appropriate discipline. Without any question, there are more tips and qualifications for raising a child appropriately than the ones mentioned. But each parent has the freedom to adopt certain techniques. Nevertheless, what is truly important is to understand the needs of your child and to know in what you are about to get into.

Moreover, there are many questions that you and your partner must ask yourself before deciding to have a baby. First of all, a child requires a lot of patience, especially at the beginning. He/she will cry, will complain and in some days, the atmosphere inside the house might be overwhelming. Are you prepared for all this? In some days, you will feel like pulling your hair out, but this doesn’t make you a bad parent. What might make you a bad parent is how you handle such situations and if you have the needed patience to remember not to take only the bad days into consideration. Nowadays, there are so many financial needs that a child requires. Of course, you don’t have to be rich, but you need to have enough resources to provide for the baby’s necessities. If it is too much right now, you might want to wait a little longer.

A baby needs a lot of supervision, so do you have people who can help you look after the baby, besides the father? Is there enough room inside the house? Also, there are a lot of things and habits you need to quit once you become pregnant and you have the baby. Habits like smoking and drinking alcohol do not go well together and for some, it might be too much of a sacrifice. Indeed, having a baby requires a lot of sacrifices, but there are many rewards that will come afterwards. The joy of the child when he/she calls you “mom” and “dad”, the happiness in the eyes, the running around and the laughter, the moments in which they will make you proud and so on. Being a parent is a big responsibility and having a baby will change your life completely. It is a lifetime commitment and you will have the child in bad and good times. There are a lot of things to consider and both partners should be prepared for the big step. It is the best job in the world, a job that brings satisfaction.

Are you ready to become a parent? If you want fewer surprises and you want everything to be planned and to know things in advance, then you need to consider this option thoroughly. Your age can also determine this decision, as after the age of 35, it will become harder for a woman to get pregnant.