Fitness Importance when Trying to Conceive | Pregnancy

There are some views towards the level of fitness one must do in order to conceive. Some say that too much or too little exercise can interfere with the process of getting pregnant. Of course, there are many do’s and don’ts that can help any woman stay in good health, prepare their body for the baby and feel better on an overall aspect. Before trying to conceive, it is better to make exercising part of a regular habit. This will help you feel better during the pregnancy and when the big moment actually comes. By doing the right amount of fitness, you will have more stamina and lose the baby weight afterwards faster and easier. In case you are overweight, exercising can help greatly at conceiving.

Many women might be tempted to wait until they are pregnant in order to start an exercise program. This should not be the case. It is important to be in shape during the first days of the baby’s development. The mother’s health has a direct correlation with the baby’s start and as soon as you start, the better. More than that, if you get used to the routine, it will be a lot easier to stick with it while you are pregnant and after the pregnancy, when you will want to lose the extra pounds. In order to find the right sport or exercise program, you can choose to combine several and see which one is for you. If it is a bad day outside and you can’t go jogging, you will be able to go swimming at a pool or join a fitness center. Swimming is considered one of the best choices for women who plan on having a baby and even during pregnancy. This is because the sport is zero impact and it offers a very pleasant feeling. Once you are pregnant, the belly starts to grow, the breasts will get bigger, which will eventually cause back pains, hip pains and other difficulties in moving around. It is essential to strength some parts of the body before getting pregnant, as you will increase flexibility and face less pain later. Core training is advisable and it has a lot of benefits. It will assure a better balance and posture, very important for when you are carrying a baby.

On the other hand, it is important to know the limit. Training intensely is not recommended. You should not push yourself to the limit. Until the baby is born, all efforts should be put on hold. Exercising stresses the body at some point and anything in excess is known to cause problems, especially when you are trying to conceive. Instead, many fitness specialists recommend moderate exercising, such as swimming, hiking, walking and even working on the elliptical, but still under a normal rate. When you start exercising, you might be tempted to start losing weight more and more. But it is not the time. Your body needs to stay healthy and nutritious. This means you should continue eating regularly and healthy, not starving yourself. Cutting calories dramatically or eliminating certain foods should be done after consulting the doctor. There are some essential foods that need to be consumed, in order to allow the baby a healthy development when he is on his way. Cardio is known to have a lot of benefits for the body and you can consider 30 minutes a day, or even more, of cardiovascular exercises. It will keep you in better shape and the heart rate will be regular. When delivery is on its way, you need endurance, so you can consider the pregnancy as training for the big race. You will need a lot of energy and a good heart for the process. After the baby is born, you will go through some dramatic changes and cardio is known to help greatly.

But it is not only the woman who needs to train; the male partner should join as well. In order to have a good sperm, the man should be in good shape and health as well. You can start a fitness program together and you can encourage each other along the way. It is advisable to keep the daily exercising even after you conceive a baby. But as every woman responds differently to training, it is best to consult the doctor and have him/her approve the fitness program. No matter what, having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby matters the most.

What is more, some exercises are known to promote fertility. Among them, yoga is without question the most practiced. Yoga is considered to be gentler and it also helps the body relax and lose stress. All negative emotions that inhibit fertility can be lost thanks to yoga. Another type of exercise that is known to help those who want to conceive is qigong. It refers actually to ancient Chinese exercises to help a person achieve the complete relaxed mode.