Will I have a baby boy or girl? This is the question to which our site can give you the answer. You have most likely heard stories regarding certain fruits, vegetables, or dishes that you need to eat in order to give birth to a baby boy or girl. Some say that not only food influences the child`s gender, but also the sexual positions taken into account by the future parents. The truth is that you can determine the gender of your unborn child by performing an ultrasonography… or by using the gender prediction system that we have developed.

Ultrasonography can be performed on a pregnant woman who has been carrying a baby for the past 18-20 weeks. Some parents are very anxious and feel they cannot wait that long. With the gender prediction that we have developed, you can know this immediately if you have boy or girl after finding out that you are pregnant. And this is not all, you can even predict your child’s gender even before becoming pregnant. In fact, you can have a baby boy or girl if you follow the indications provided by our gender calendar. By using our gender calendar you have only to decide when to conceive and then let nature have her way. So why even think about using genetic gender determination methods, which are unethical and forbidden in some countries?

With the baby gender prediction that we have created, which has proven to be successful and accurate for many happy couples that wanted to predict the gender of their future child, you can be sure that you will have the baby that you have always wanted.

Some parents can’t even imagine how it is to have a baby boy, when they desperately want a baby girl. Others, on the other hand, after having four girls, are hoping for a baby boy to even the balance a bit. Nowadays, it is possible to influence the gender of your baby and all thanks to a system that is created for expecting parents, that can try the one year prediction based on the due date or conception date, and also for parents that are trying to conceive, who can use the one year or five year prediction.

We have tested our method for over 30 years and found out that the probability of a successful prediction can be up to 90%. Because our method applies to a majority of people, we have a page where you can test our gender prediction free of charge. By testing our prediction, you can see how our method works on real life examples.

Our Articles on Pregnancy section offers a variety of articles on pregnancy, including a summary on the Chinese gender calendar and other interesting articles. Pregnancy is a magical and exciting period for pregnant women, an event that alters the life of both men and women. You can read more on this period and how to get a healthy boy or girl here.

Demo predictions: Kate Middleton and Prince WilliamHillary Clinton and Bill ClintonBritney Spears and Kevin Federline, Others

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