Gender Selection

Medical Methods of Choosing Your Baby`s Gender | Baby Gender

The sex of the baby is influenced only by the male sperm. There are of course many factors that say to influence the sex of the baby and old wives’ tales about this subject, but none have turned out to be 100% accurate and has not been proven through rigorous methods. If a couple actually desires a boy or a girl mainly, they can follow some methods, as they don’t have anything to lose for that matter. But

Medical Methods for Determining the Gender

To determine the gender of the fetus, the age and the health condition, ultrasounds are commonly used. The machine allows the doctor to see how the baby has developed and to measure the baby. Data on the measurements for various gestational ages allow the machine to establish the baby’s age. The ultrasound technician can locate and then recognize either the labia or the penis, as it is the case, on the ultrasound. For a better determination of the