Preparing for Pregnancy

After deciding to have a baby, you and your partner should consider things one at a time. Preparing for pregnancy should start from the moment you decide on having a new member in your family. Your body will be going through some changes and it is best you get prepared to make the pregnancy and the delivery easier. There are many aspects to consider, especially when it comes to the change of lifestyle, to healthy eating, fitness and more. But taken in turn, you will be able to do everything right and to have a healthy and beautiful baby.

To start with, it is known that during pregnancy, women will put on some extra pounds. This is why it is recommended to lose some weight, in case you are overweight. Women, who are overweight before pregnancy, are more likely to have babies with defects and complications. It is best to consider an exercise plan and start to eat healthy. Certain foods should be avoided, such as high mercury fish, like tilefish, swordfish and more. The high level of mercury inside the body can harm the baby. It is ideal to start losing weight one year in advance of pregnancy, or at least as soon as you start thinking about conceiving. In case you are smoking, it is the best time to quit. Your partner should quit smoking as well. Children who are exposed to smoke while inside the womb are more likely to face certain situations after birth, such as be colicky, overactive as toddlers and more likely to develop an aggressive behaviour. What is more, smoking while pregnant can increase the chances of having a low birth weight baby. As soon as possible you should stop smoking, but ideally it would be somewhere at 8-10 months, just enough time to lose the bad habit.

Before starting to conceive, it is better to discuss about the situation with the doctor, to see exactly your medical condition and if you are ready for pregnancy. You and your doctor should work along and establish a plan. Any nutritional deficiencies should be checked, such as thyroid, infections, the immune system and more. Some treatments and vaccines need to be followed up to six months before getting pregnant in order to avoid any possible birth defects. Any medication you take during pregnancy should be checked with the doctor. After the routine check-up, the dentist should be on the list. Gum infections and teeth decay can harm the baby and it is essential to make sure your teeth and gum are in perfect condition. In case some infections show up along pregnancy, it is very hard to handle them. In case you are on the pills, it is time to stop taking them, preferably 3 months before trying to have a baby. The body needs sufficient time to clear the hormones from the system. It will also give you a general idea of your cycle, before you start conceiving. It also makes it easier for the embryo to implant.

Prenatal vitamins are needed for the body. Taking multivitamin complex with vitamin B6 before and during the first weeks of pregnancy can help decrease the morning sickness. To improve fertility, zinc in prenatal vitamins is a plus. During pregnancy, it is also recommended to stop drinking alcohol, even if it is that glass of wine at dinner. Increase alcohol during pregnancy actually leads to higher risks of birth defects.

Not only women should prepare for the baby, but men as well. They should quit smoking, as smoking reduces fertility and fathers who smoke also affects the baby’s health, even after birth. Respiratory problems can occur. Fertility problems are also caused by stress, so men should keep stress to a minimum. A healthy diet will definitely support your partner, but will increase the regular fitness and reduce stress. Many couples don’t conceive straight away, so it is normal to wait some time until it happens. But until then, making some changes can surely influence the upcoming of a baby.

Besides the prenatal vitamins, there are other nutrients that can be taken before getting pregnant. Fruits and vegetables should be introduced within the meal, but not just one type, but a variety of them, including dried beans and legumes. Having the main courses in a day is essential and for each course, there are healthy options to consider. Choose to include grains and cereals at breakfast and whole wheat toast. Replace unhealthy snacks with fruits, such as apple slices. At dinner, it is best to include something light that will also help you sleep better, such as salmon, milk, fruits and vegetables. Without any question, there are a lot to do before getting pregnant, but it will prepare you for when you will actually be pregnant and you will already be accustomed with a healthy lifestyle.