Old Wive`s Tales About Conceiving a Boy or a Girl | Gender of the baby

Whenever a woman gets pregnant, the first question that generally pops to mind is “Am I going to have a boy or a girl”?”In some cases, parent would like to keep the gender of the fetus as a surprise, while other believe it is important to know this is advance so they can make future plans, like which baby clothes to buy or what should the baby’s room look like. Whatever the case, some “old wives’ tales” or urban legends show that it is possible for certain actions to influence the gender of the baby.

Can you influence the gender of the baby?

The influence on gender selection of the baby is generated by old beliefs in folklore and myth. Even so, among some of the techniques there are a few that have fertility science as the basis. Couples desiring a certain sex for their child are able to go great lengths and there are simple methods that might be helpful and a medical procedure that will guarantee the desired gender.

Urban myths about the gender of the baby

To begin with, there are many wives’ tales concerning the selection of the baby’s gender. For example, for conceiving a boy, it is recommended to eat salty food, red meat and soda. On the other hand, to be more likely to have a girl, eating vegetables, fish and sweet food will do the trick. Moreover, love-making positions can raise the odds in this chapter as well. Standing up is thought to help the couple have the boy and the missionary position is said to increase the chances of making a baby girl. Other superstitions say that relaxed and happy couples will surely lead to a girl, while worried and stressful couples will most likely have a baby boy.

Astrology is used in many domains and it is used for prediction in most cases. The gender selection techniques are based on astrological charts. If couples wish to use this method and believe in this science, it is said to make love at night in order to have a baby boy, preferable in the quarter moon and with the wife’s head pointing north. For a baby girl, the astrological technique requires the couple to make love in the afternoon, during the full moon. The ovulation time is one of the methods of predicting the sex of the baby. Being so important, it is essential to use a good ovulation predictor. Another essential aspect is to know exactly when ovulation is approaching and when it has happened already. Chance is not an option in this case. The planning of a boy or a girl can be done by making an inventory of the woman’s PH at ovulation before conceiving. The method seems like a methodical approach, but it has actually a long history. It is indicated to monitor the ovulation and the vaginal environment, so it will be possible to tell in advance when the perfect day is approaching.

No matter how skeptical old wives’ tales sound, there is always a grain of truth in old superstitions and stories are rooted and passed down from generation to generation. For conceiving a baby girl, making love barefoot seems to be to a very strong belief. Another suggestion is to put a pink ribbon under the pillow, old folks say this is a guaranteed method. Furthermore, the diet is very important, old wives’ say, and even recent reports state that favored breakfast and a potassium diet will be sure to deliver a baby boy rather than women who tend to skip breakfast. To favor male offspring parents are more successful if they are in a good physical condition.

To make a woman’s vaginal environment more hospitable for a baby girl, douching with water and vinegar will lead to a more acid environment. On the other hand, douching with water and baking soda will more likely create an environment favorable for baby boys. None of these methods are medically proven, but it is said that combining folk beliefs and superstition with modern medical technology will be more likely to lead a success and parents everywhere can determine the gender of their unborn baby.