Chinese Gender Calendar

A Chinese scientist discovered some data buried 700 years ago inside a tomb in China, near Peking. The data has been converted into a calendar and it is used in these modern days as a prediction to show people whether they will have a boy or a girl, according to their age of conception and the month. The ancient calculator used ancient data to determine the gender of the baby. Many parents decide to wait until their baby is born to see exactly the gender; some prefer to use ultrasounds to discover if it is a boy or a girl, to know exactly how to prepare themselves. Nowadays, the use of the Chinese gender calendar will offer the right answer and will tell exactly the baby’s gender. The calendar is available on the internet and it can be accessed by anyone actually. You can see below our version of this calendar.

The Chinese gender calendar uses the same information as the gender chart for predicting the gender of the child. The calendar uses the date of conception, only the month and the age of the mother to predict the sex of the baby. Of course, there are many warnings when using the calendar online. The calendar seems to be accurate and it helps parents in deciding what they want to have, prior to getting pregnant. You can use the chart in case you want a boy or a girl. There is an original copy, which is kept in the Institute of Science of Peking, but the versions of the charts are widely available online.

In ancient China, boys were preferred as they could work to keep up families. The girls on the other hand, waited for a marriage proposal and they were usually considered a burden. China was dependent on agriculture and farming and when the boys were old enough, they could inherit the family business and administrate it properly. Nowadays, there is the ultrasound scan that can produce results in showing the gender of the fetus. Many people are wondering if the calendar is more accurate that the ultrasound. Chinese culture was very confident in the calendar and said is provides 90% accuracy. Some people say the calendar provides 50-50 chances. Many look upon the Chinese gender calendar as a way of fun and they regard it with humour, playing around to see what gender will enter their family. There are many scientific methods in selecting the gender of the baby. In some areas, these are illegal, as officials’ state that they can lead to an imbalance of genders. In some countries, clinics ask for huge sums of money and not everyone is willing to pay the price. All that matters in the end is that the baby is born healthy.

The Chinese gender calendar is also known as the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar and it usually works by drawing two straight lines on the chart. The horizontal lines related to the woman’s age and the vertical one for the month of conceiving. When the two lines meet, is the predicted result of the gender of the baby. The result is not guaranteed and the accuracy cannot be attested, but many say that it is extremely accurate, so it is worth a try.

Furthermore, there are some events that should be avoided in order to increase the chances of getting the sex of the baby desired. In the first place, it is advisable not to choose the first and the last 10 days for the gender periods. There are different seasons for the boys and the girls based on the woman’s age. There are also some changes between the gender periods of the woman in various ages. These 10 days are known as “days of unsteadiness” and to avoid the discrepancies, these should be avoided as well. It is recommended to choose days close to the middle of the gender period, leading to a higher success rate in determining the sex of the baby. Even the Chinese gender calendar has peaks and by choosing the peak season, the chances are higher to get the baby desired. More than that, the longer and the steadier is the gender period, the conception is more suitable.

Conceiving on leap moths is not advisable. The moon requires 29.35 days to complete its phase cycle. This means that the lunar months are shorter and conceiving on leap months will add complications to the Chinese gender calendar. The rationale behind the calendar has been lost and no one can say with certainty why it truly works, but it does in fact. There are ancient surveys that claim the calendar to be valid. The scientific belief within the calendar is that the woman is determining the sex of the baby, and not the man. The medicine tells us that the male’s sperm determines the sex of the baby, as it carries the Y (female) and the X (male) chromosome. Recent medical studies show that the woman’s ovum membrane selects which sperm to be fertilized, X or Y, which is similar to the Chinese gender calendar conception. Another theory says that the acidity of the woman’s secretions determines the gender of the baby. The acidic secretions keep the vaginal condition healthy, promoting the proper environment for conceiving.

Chinese gender calendar

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