Preparing for Pregnancy: Things to Avoid while Trying to Get Pregnant

It is definitely not easy for every couple to have a baby and there are certain decisions to be taken when the idea comes in discussion. In order to be prepared for the baby to come, there are many things to avoid. Diet is the first thing to start with and if you are including fresh fruit and vegetables, lean protein and whole grains, then it means you are on the right track. But as you pay much attention to foods you eat, you should also pay attention to those worth avoiding. In case you are wondering why it is so important to stay healthy when trying to conceive, it is because your body must be prepared for the big change sit will be going through. It is just like a racer prepares for the big race, there are many things to do before and much training. The foods you eat before getting pregnant and the things you do have lasting effects on the body and it can impact the baby once you succeed in getting pregnant. No future mother wants to hurt their foetus while inside the womb.

When trying to get pregnant, you must make sure your body is healthy and it is recommended to cut off on the sugar and fatty foods and stop using any drugs for diet or stress release medication. Any medication can affect your body and thus, the baby. There are limitations regarding the aspect and only the medical provider can point out what is necessary and what is not. Basically, there are certain things to avoid when trying to get pregnant. First of all, there is alcohol. It is better to cut back or start eliminating alcohol from your diet. Consuming alcohol can lead to birth defects and it can affect the baby in the first few weeks, when the woman does not even know she is pregnant. There are even some studies that show women who consume alcohol have difficulties in conceiving. Soy food and soybeans should also be avoided. Studies show that tofu; soy milk and soy protein in general, can lead to infertility. These are healthy for the body at some point, but not when you are trying to get pregnant. In case you are consuming more than two cups of coffee per day, you should know it is not healthy. Caffeine can also produce stress in some occasions, which is not beneficial for the concept of getting pregnant.

Moreover, uncooked meat or unpasteurized cheese and certain type of fish should also be avoided. Eating raw food can put you in danger for salmonella and other bacteria that is found in such foods. Everyone knows that cooking meat, eggs and fish kills bacteria, even though in some occasions, vitamins and minerals are also lost. Studies show that pregnant women have 20 more chances at developing listeriosis, so why take the chance? It is best to cook the meat and eggs all the way. Earlier mentioned, there are certain fish types that should be avoided. Shark, swordfish, tilefish and king mackerel are among them. These are known to have high percentage of mercury, which can accumulate in the body and damage the baby’s developing nervous system. It is best to stick with smaller fish and avoid the big ones. Instead, you can choose to eat shrimp, trout, salmon, haddock and flounder.

Not to mention that your body will be less fertile if you are eating too much or too less. The estrogens levels can get thrown off and fertility can be affected. This is why it is important to maintain a healthy diet and weight your body. When you eat better, you will feel better, and the baby as well, so everyone will be winning. Any smoking women should consider quitting and fathers as well. Babies don’t go well with tobacco. Smoking even lowers the chances for a woman to get pregnant, even by natural means and when using fertility treatments as well. Smoking early in pregnancy reduces the foetus germ cells and its natural development inside the womb. By quitting smoothing long before getting pregnant, your baby will have a healthy pregnancy. Men can also consider the idea, as the sperm’s health is affected within smokers. Many researchers say that there are other things to avoid as well, such as wearing tight clothes, sitting in the hot tub.

Last, but not least, stress should definitely be avoided, by both partners.  The body reacts to stress and it goes into shut down mode. When trying to conceive, it is important to relax. Of course, taking medication for stress is not recommended. But there are a numerous ways in which you can keep your temper and find your inner peace. Moderate exercising, yoga, meditation and certain natural herbs can decrease stress and increase the chances of having a baby. Stress is usually associated with fertility, so it is available for men as well.