What Is the Best Time to Conceive

Everyone is familiar with how babies are born and conceived. Also, people know that a woman releases one egg per month, while men are able to release millions of sperms when ejaculating. But here is the trick, when is the best time for that one egg to be fertilized? Within a menstrual cycle, women have about 6 days at their disposal, time in which they can get pregnant. This concept is also known as fertile window. The period refers to five days before the ovulation and the ovulation day as well. These six days represent the only days in a woman’s cycle when she is able to conceive and have a baby.

The woman’s egg lives for about 12 hours after it is released and the man’s sperm lives inside the woman’s reproductive track for up to 5 days. Basically, the egg can be fertilized in those 12 hours. To add more, fresh sperm is not able to fertilize the egg, as it takes a period of time, known as capacitation, to occur. Once it is inside the woman’s reproductive system, the sperm goes through some changes and becomes more mobile and able to penetrate the egg. The capacitation process can take up to 10 hours. The five days before the ovulation are very important. Mature sperm, the one that has already gone through capacitation process, ready for the egg to be released is the key to getting pregnant.

The day of ovulation is essential, but it is not the best day to have a baby. It is important to know when a woman is ovulating and try to have intercourse close to that period. There are studies and researches that show that the day of ovulation is not the key to getting pregnant. In fact, the day after the ovulation is better and has increased chances of conceiving. The explanation is due to the ejaculated sperm, which is mature and had enough time to reach the egg. Two days before the ovulation is also considered to be more likely than one day before ovulation, to get pregnant. It will give the couples the highest chances of conceiving.

Getting pregnant takes more than just knowing the dates when couples should have sex. The ovulating and its calculation can be tricky. There are several methods of predicting ovulation and not all of them are precise. If the fertile window is miscalculated, then the entire time frame can be missed. Researchers have also found that the most important factor is what happens with the cervical mucus on the day people have sex is important, and not the day people have sex. The cervical mucus acts as a transportation method, as it helps the sperm go through the vaginal environment. The sperm is able to glide through the vagina, as the mucus is slippery and lubricate. More than that, it has important nutrients that help the sperm survive. It increases its mobility, allowing it to reach the egg faster and easily. Timing when there is fertile cervical mucus is also very important in the process of getting pregnant. Women having intercourse on the day they notice cervical mucus, have more chances to conceive.

Furthermore, there are some fertility signs that women should pay a lot of attention to. When they are ovulating, many women experience lower abdominal pain. These pains act as an indicator to when women are ovulating and it occurs monthly. Another way to monitor ovulation is to check the temperature every morning, before getting out of bed. The chances of getting pregnant are high when the temperatures start going up. This tells when the body is ovulating. Some women find it very easy to get pregnant and they end up having a baby without any effort. But some women find it very hard and they do have to pay attention to every detail and to know exactly the right time to conceive. There are some other tips and tricks that can help increase fertility. A very important aspect is to stay healthy. Taking prenatal vitamins can be indicated, avoiding alcohol and tobacco and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a normal body weight. Having a relaxed and calm peace of mind helps a lot for both partners. Being always stressed out can reduce the chances of getting pregnant. It can reduce fertility. The love between each other should be placed on the first place, as it will increase the chances of getting pregnant.

There are many online due date calculators that can estimate the time when a woman if ovulating. The calculator is based on the last period and on the duration of the cycle. The calculator will add 40 weeks to the predicted first date of the last menstrual period. There are many such calculators that say to help women get pregnant. The pregnancy due date calculator calculates the exact date the baby will be on his way and more aspects as well, such as the glucose screen and more.

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