How Long Does It Usually Take to Get Pregnant

There are many couples who want to get pregnant, but they are unaware of how long do they have to wait. But unfortunately there is not a specific amount of time, as each case depend s on the individuals and the circumstances, such as the age, the medical history and medical condition and so on. Couples who make love regularly have more chances of getting pregnant. There is a percentage of 50% of healthy couples who get pregnant after 4 to 5 months. 70% of the couples get pregnant after 9 months and 85% after one year. This is why many doctors recommend trying to get pregnant for at least one year before choosing other methods. But the numbers presented are valid only in case of women with regular ovulation, open tubes and men with good quality sperm.

Factors affecting couples to get pregnant

Ovulation is one of the key factors, because with no ovulation or with irregular ovulation, women cannot conceive. The older the woman is, the lower are the chances of getting pregnant. Bad quality eggs and old age make it difficult to have a baby. But men face difficulties as well, especially when it comes to sperm count. The less sperm available, the longer it takes to get pregnant. Blocked fallopian tubes will make it difficult to get pregnant and this will eventually lead to medical procedures and treatments. The timing in which you make love must be every week, 2-3 times, especially in the fertile days and the day of ovulation, when making sex even more often can lead to getting pregnant.

If the factors above apply and there are no abnormalities, then the chance of conceiving a baby in the ovulation cycle is about 25%-30%. Chances can even be zero when any of the factors presented is abnormal. Around 50% of the couples succeed in having a baby within the four months of trying and about 75% of the couples will conceive within the first eight months. The cycle falls after the age of 30. In case a year passes and there is no success, consider talking to a doctor to see the chances available. In the first step, medication will be offered and then you will be presented with other procedures, such as in vitro insemination.

Is it possible to get pregnant faster?

There are a few techniques that couples can follow in order to speed the process. The first thing to be done is to consider when you are at ovulation. Only in this period of time you can get pregnant, as one egg is released from the ovary. There are studies that show that making love when ovulating will help getting pregnant faster, better yet, from two to three days before ovulation and in that specific day of course. Health condition pays a great role within fertility and. Overweight and underweight can cause difficulties in getting pregnant and there are a number of medical conditions and diseases that can lead to difficulties as well.